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John Dunn, MD

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Zachary Lovato, DO

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    Excellent service and friendliness. Knowledge of the subject matter.
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    Yasmin M

    Dr. Lovato has helped me tremendously and actually explains things very well. He let me know up front what we could do, and could continue doing. He is a well mannered, well spoken and well educated doctor!
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    Teresa N

    He was very interested in finding out my problem. I would very much recommend him. Very good bedside manners.
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    Shawn C

    Exceptional Relief and Expertise: A Review for Dr. Lovato

    I had been struggling with persistent back problems for quite some time, and it had started to significantly impact my daily life and overall well-being. Seeking a solution, I was fortunate enough to come across Dr. Lovato, and I cannot express how grateful I am for the expertise and care provided by this exceptional professional.

    From the moment I walked into Dr. Lovato's clinic, I was immediately put at ease by the warm and welcoming environment. The staff members were friendly and accommodating, making me feel comfortable and assured that I had chosen the right place for my treatment.

    Dr. Lovato himself is an absolute gem. Not only does he possess a vast knowledge of the human body and its intricacies, but he also exudes a genuine passion for helping his patients. His patience and attentiveness during our initial consultation left me with no doubt that I was in capable hands.

    What impressed me the most about Dr. Lovato was his holistic approach to my back problems. Instead of merely focusing on symptom relief, he took the time to thoroughly understand the underlying causes of my discomfort. He conducted a comprehensive examination, asking insightful questions and attentively listening to my concerns. This level of personalized attention instilled confidence in me, as it was evident that he was genuinely invested in my well-being.

    Dr. Lovato's expertise shone through during the course of my treatment. He explained every step of the process with clarity and ensured that I understood the rationale behind each therapeutic intervention. His gentle yet effective techniques, coupled with his adept manipulation and adjustment skills, brought about a remarkable improvement in my condition. Through a combination of targeted exercises, manual therapies, and expert guidance, Dr. Lovato has helped alleviate my back pain and restore my mobility.

    Moreover, Dr. Lovato's dedication to my recovery extended beyond the clinic. He provided me with valuable insights into preventive measures and encouraged me to make lifestyle modifications that would support long-term healing. This comprehensive approach truly sets him apart from other healthcare professionals I have encountered.

    In addition to his professional competence, Dr. Lovato's compassionate nature made a significant impact on my experience. He consistently displayed empathy, taking the time to understand the impact my condition had on my life. His genuine concern and encouragement provided the emotional support I needed throughout my journey to recovery.

    I cannot recommend Dr. Lovato enough to anyone seeking relief from back problems or any musculoskeletal issues. His expertise, personalized care, and unwavering dedication to his patients make him a standout practitioner. Thanks to Dr. Lovato, my quality of life has improved immeasurably, and I am forever grateful for his exceptional service.
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    Sistah S

    Dr. Lovato placed my Spinal Cord Stimulator and though I had an issue intially, the SCS worked for me and Dr. Lovato has a very good beside manner in office and hospital. The Stimulator allowed me to function in a near normal capacity.
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    Romario B

    I wish Doctor Lovato’s office was a one-stop shop for ALL my medical needs. The personnel there are very professional and welcoming, and Doctor Lovado is a GREAT doctor ( and he actually listens), wish I could give a 10 start rating.
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    Irma N

    Dr. Lovato is Amazing! My visit was great. He has VERY good bed site manners, and takes his time. He gives you his full attention and doesn't rush out the door before you're finished. He explains everything well. I get nervous and have trouble thinking of what to say or ask, but the visit was very comfortable. Understood everything he explained and I've always like all the staff there. Thanks!
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